By now you must have seen one of our most favorite quotes which says “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. The reason we love this quote so much is because we can identify with the negative effects of not having a very special event in our lives captured and preserved so that we can cherish our memories for the rest of our lives. Perhaps this is why we at Christo Cinematic are so passionate about capturing special events, those moments that matter the most to you, and creating beautiful memories that you can treasure for the rest of your lives and not wish you did.  Only video can allow you to relive the joy of those moments by actually seeing and hearing how everything unfolded on your special day. This is the kind of memories you want to cherish for generations to come!

So here's a few reasons why we believe it's beneficial to have more than one cinematographer capture your wedding or event...

#1: We Can Be at Two Places at the Same Time to Capture all Your Special Moments!

Normally the bride would get ready at a home or a hotel. The groom will oftentimes get ready at a different location. Having 2 Cinematographers would allow us to capture all the wonderful details and fun stuff including the excitements and or nervousness on the faces of both the bride and her bridesmaids, as well as the groom, and his groomsmen that’s happening at each location. It also means that we can stay much longer at each location to capture more of what’s going on such as the bride getting into her dress, the reveal (mother and daughter or Father and daughter), the walking out shot as you’re leaving for the ceremony location, as well as the groom and his father, and the groom and his groomsmen hanging out together and getting their portraits completed before heading off to the ceremony.


#2: Provides Additional Time with the Bride & Groom - Because Every Moment Matters!

If only one Cinematographer was present, it would be at the bride’s location. That also means that he or she would have to leave early to get to the ceremony location to begin preparation of setting up the gears and getting the groom and officiant mic’d up for audio etc. With 2 Cinematographers, one will be with the groom all the way until he leaves for the ceremony venue, which will provide enough time to get setup before the bride arrives. While the other will be with the bride, capturing as much special moments as possible until they both arrive at the ceremony venue.


#3: Having 2 Cinematographers Means More Cameras Which Will Result In A Lot More Creative Angles Captured!

Having a second Cinematographer also means while one is capturing the details of the venue inside and out, the other is ensuring all the gears are ready to go. When the time comes for the bride to walk down the aisle, one Cinematographer will be filming her, while the other is focusing on capturing the reaction on the grooms face when he sees his bride as she makes her grand entrance. That also means having more cameras setup to capture additional creative angles throughout the ceremony so even if certain shots are interrupted or blocked by anyone, including the photographer(s) who will be moving around to get his or her shots, we’ll have alternative cameras to use without having to miss anything.


#4: The Quantity of Skilled Cinematographers helps to Increase the Creativity of your Completed Video Simply Because Of All The Moments Being Captured Simultaneously!

How much of what is considered to be one of the most special days of your life would you like to see when it’s all said and done? The reason I asked this is simple. If you only have one Cinematographer, you will be limited to how much is actually captured. After all, one person can only be at one place at a time, and actually control fewer cameras during any segment of an event simultaneously. Therefore, with 2 Cinematographers, you get twice as much creative clips to ensure nothing is missed no matter the location. When the time comes to edit your video, we’ll be able to tell your story the way it unfolded without having to miss moments that would be considered important to you.


#5: Latitude and flexibility is Greatly Achieved by a Team - Rather than an Individual.

What does this mean for you? Well, having a team of 2 Cinematographers provides latitude and flexibility throughout the entire day. It means we don’t have to become stressed out by trying to do it all by ourselves. There’s a lot going on during a wedding event. From the preparations on both the bride and the groom’s side, the first look, the ceremony, the reception, the portrait session and everything else in between. Our goal is always to envision what the bride and groom would love to see in their final video. Get to each venue early, and prepare to move to the next without sacrificing anything we believe should be included in the final video. Having a second Cinematographer means that we don’t have to stand at one camera during your ceremony and not be able to ensure that the others are capturing what we would like it to because of the limited mobility restrictions that some venues may have in place. We also won’t have to choose between getting clips during your portraits session vs. the cocktail hour. Or choosing to focus on the person(s) giving the speeches at the reception and miss out on the guest reactions etc. As a team, we’re able to work in sync, making sure we get as much as possible to make your special day truly memorable.


#6: The Outcome of having Two Cinematographers will always be to your Advantage.

Unlike photography, which by the way has its own challenges and yes photographers work very hard as well, Cinematographers on the other hand have a lot more gears to unpack, setup and then pack up again before moving to the next location, and the next and so on. We’re not able to simply grab a camera and walk around and capture a shot. For us we have to set up multiple tripods, audio devices, off-camera lights on light stands, Gimbals, consistently monitoring audio connected to the DJ soundboard and so on. It may not often be realized but the workload is a lot. While one person is doing basically the heavy lifting, the other is able to be where the action is taking place ensuring we get the shots. If it’s just one Cinematographer, the workload will be more, the setup time will increase, which will result in minimizing the amount of important and creative clips one can get throughout the entire day. For this reason and more, we believe 2 Cinematographers at a wedding will certainly be better for everyone, especially the bride and groom and their families as they see the completed video and realized we were able to capture so much more as a team!


#7: It is Better to Look Ahead and Prepare, than to Look Back and Regret!

For most brides & grooms, it takes several months to prepare for their wedding day. Sometimes over a year goes into preparations. This is one of the most important days of your lives that you would want to look back on and treasure for generations to come. The day when you begin a new journey in which everything going forward hinges on that moment when you said yes to each other. Taking chances by not placing a lot of emphasis on preserving those memories on video, will only leave you wishing in the future that you did. Why? Because by seeing your special day on video as it actually happened, with sound, speeches, emotions etc., will allow you to relive the joy and excitement as the moments throughout the day actually unfolded. These are your moments to cherish, that would allow you to relive in a way that no other form of media can provide for the rest of your lives and for generations to come.



My wife and I make a great team! Not only in our marriage considering we’ve been married for over 20 years, but also as professional cinematographers. We understand each other’s strengths and talents and we work in sync to create the best video for each of our clients. When you hire Christo Cinematic to capture and create memories of your special day, whether I’m filming by myself on a single cinematographer package, or the both of us, or any of our professional cinematographers that makes up the Christo Cinematic team, the level of preparation and dedication we bring from start to end will always be reflected in the wonderful and creative video we’ll be presenting to you. We don’t want you to simply be satisfied, we want you to be thrilled with our professionalism, our work and our services, because it all reflects on who we are!

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“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it Becomes a memory”

Theodor Seuss Geisel

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