These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients. If there is anything we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We're here to help make your special day truly memorable!

We will provide you your completed video or videos if a Highlight video is included with your package, through digital download, or on a Flash Drive. Your full length Featured video will consist of moments from every segment of your wedding day we were scheduled to capture. This includes the Bridal prep, Grooms prep, First look, Ceremony, Portrait session, Cocktail hour, Reception, Bride & Groom first dance, Speeches, Father & daughter dance, Mother & Son dance, dancing, Cake Cutting, and much more.

Unless otherwise stated, I personally “the owner and lead cinematographer” Stephen Christo, will be shooting your wedding. We also have a team of professional cinematographers of whom any may be assigned to your wedding only if I am not available. Prior to shooting any wedding or event, we have a team meeting with the cinematographer(s) to go over all the details in preparation to achieve our ultimate goal, which is “Going above and beyond to capture and create the best wedding video possible for you”.

Our goal is to make your experience with us as easy and stress-free as possible when comes to us capturing and creating the memories you deserve of your special day. For that reason, the first thing we’ll do is discuss the package that you believe would be best suited for your wedding or event. We can do this in person, over the phone, via Facetime, or Skype. This will help us to get to know you better, understand your vision for what you would like us to create, the things that are important to you that we must be aware of on your special day, etc. From there we will provide you with a questionnaire that you would fill out and return 1 week before the wedding so that we can have all the final details in advance. At that point we will begin the preparation to achieve all we’ve discussed. We encourage you to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns.

We use digital cameras that allows us to change our lenses to accommodate the type of effects we want to accomplish, as well as those that works best in low light situations such as during the reception. Our cameras capture full 1080 HD as well as 4K quality video. Our goal is to create the best quality video for you, therefore we shoot with that in mind choosing the most suitable quality settings.

We use professional audio microphones on all of our cameras, as well as Lavaliere microphones on the groom and the Officiant. This way we will capture everything the officiant says as well as the bride and groom vows. Sometimes the bride will choose to be mic’d up as well especially if the ceremony is in an environment where ambient noise can create a problem such as in some outdoor situations. If we’re faced with that scenario and you the bride wish to be mic’d up for the ceremony to ensure that we get the best quality audio especially during the vows, we will be ready to accommodate that as well. We also connect a separate audio device to the DJ/Venue soundboard for both reception and ceremony where available. We have several audio devices so that we are never caught by surprise for events that may require more, especially for those with multiple podiums where speeches would be taking place.

We do not simply piece clips together in a way that anyone can do with basic software. For us it’s all about creating memories in a unique way that tells your story the way we think you would want to relive the joy of seeing all the  wonderful moments we’ve captured of your special day, according to the vision you have expressed, and that which we ourselves maintain for each of our clients. For that reason we carefully select the absolute best video clips, audio clips and of course the music. Not to mention all the other artistic and creative work we do to bring it all together. Then we customize your video the way we believe you would absolutely love.

Yes we do. However, the package you choose will determine if both will be included. If you choose a single cinematographer package and you’re both getting ready at the same place, we’ll certainly try to capture the groom also. This is not always possible depending on the location. If you both are expected to get ready at different locations, then the bride will be our main focus. If capturing both the bride and groom is something you would like us to capture, then our 2 Cinematographer package will be most suitable. Not to mention all the extra creative footage you will get for your final video.

Definitely! We only use full HD cameras. Our cameras also has 4K recording capabilities. We want your video to be delivered in the best quality, so we shoot and edit with that goal in mind.

That all depends on your package of choice. Our packages can be modified to include multiple cinematographers to accommodate your needs. Therefore, the amount of cameras will vary. A package for 8 hours with one cinematographer normally uses up to 3 HD/4K cameras. For a 2 cinematographer package, up to 4 HD/4K cameras are used. Of course the more cameras used means the more creative shots we will be able to capture.

You sure can! If an agreement has already been signed by both parties, you the bride & groom and Christo Cinematic, and you wish to for example upgrade your package, or add additional hours etc., we can certainly do that for you!

You will have the option to choose your own music for the full length video. On our questionnaire we will request that you provide a certain amount of songs both slow and fast ones. During the edit, I will place those songs in your video where I feel it is most suitable. Please be aware that when you purchase music from iTunes or places similar, that does not give you the legal right or license to use that music on the internet. For this reason, the full length video is not allowed to be uploaded anywhere online. If you have a special song that you want on your Highlight video, we can purchase it and bill you for it, or you can purchase the song license and send the song and the license to us if the video will at anytime be uploaded online. This is necessary in order to avoid violating any copyright infringement laws. Normally we choose the music for your Highlight video with music that is licensed for web distribution.

While most of our weddings and events are in Florida, we are always willing to travel out of state for our clients. We understand that sometimes people move and may recommend us to their friends and family living out of state, or perhaps may have found us online and would like us to travel to their home state to capture their event. Therefore we do our best to make such accommodations.

Absolutely! Each Cinematographer will have in his or her possession, a backup camera.

I’ve been shooting wedding videos and other events for over 5 years. Our previous company included both Cinematography and Photography. Since then we’ve rebranded to Christo Cinematic and now we specialize in Cinematography.

The target date for completion of the final video is 6-8 weeks after the date of the wedding, (provided, a fully completed questionnaire and all song choices have be given to Christo Cinematic, along with any payment due). There are times during the busy wedding season when the delivery time may be a bit longer. Should that be the case we will update you in advance.

Your Highlight video will be online. While most people will not get to see your full length video since this is a home video mainly for the bride & groom and their family and friends, the highlight video will be posted online on Vimeo so that you can see it and share it with anyone you desire. Please note that Highlight videos are included only on certain packages. However, you can customize your package to include it.

While tips are certainly a wonderful surprise to us, it is not required. Oftentimes toward the end of the night the bride and/or groom, sometimes even their parents would simply amaze us with their appreciation for our hard work by giving us a tip. We are always grateful for such kindness, and yes it makes us feel really appreciated and encouraged. However, we do not want you to feel pressured in any way to have to tip us. If you choose to do so, whatever you wish to gift us with will be received with much gratitude!

In order for us to place your date on our calendar, we require a 50% retainer. The remaining will be due two weeks prior to the event. If there are any circumstances that may prevent you from making the final payment 2 weeks before the wedding, please talk to us and we will do our best to work with you!

Please Note: Your retainer is non refundable due to the fact that once you are placed on our calendar through a signed agreement, we will no longer accept other clients for the same date as yours. However, we will make every effort to be accommodating should you have any type of emergency or changes that may affect the original date of the event etc.

That is one of the things we strive never to be. In fact we’ve had brides and grooms, as well as the father of the bride  say to us at the end of weddings things like “You guys are so discreet I hardly ever noticed you”. Now to us, that feels pretty cool because it always makes us feel like we’ve done our job right by not being too noticeable, yet never missing the opportunity to capture those special moments.

We offer a special promotion of 10% off any of our Cinematic packages per event, for anyone who currently serve in the following areas. Military, Nurses, Fire Rescue, Teachers and Police. 

As of now, we have never done a wedding where we have not gotten along well with other vendors. Cinematographers and Photographers alike knows that our end goal is basically the same at any wedding. Even though we both capture and tell your story in different ways, the ultimate goal is to work together to achieve the absolute best we can for you. Therefore working together, respecting what each brings to the table to help make your day extra special is something we understand quite well.

For additional hours, our fee is $200 per cinematographer. Even on the day of your event you can request us to stay longer and we will work to accommodate you. If you’re not able to pay for additional hours on the day of your event, no problem! We’ll simply bill you later.

We require a signed contract along with a non-refundable retainer/deposit of 25%. Your final payment of 75% is due 30 days prior to your wedding day.

We accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept payments through PayPal. However, the most cost effective payment type is by cash or a personal check. An additional  3% will be assessed with credit cards & PayPal over cash or check payment.



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