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Fire Rescue



As a special "Thank You!" for your dedication, your sacrifices and for your services, we honor those who serve in each of the categories above, with a 10% discount on any of our Cinematic Packages up to $500 as a token of our appreciation.

In order to ensure that you receive your special promotion, please let us know which of the above categories you are currently employed in when you contact us.

While you may not hear it every day, what you do for our country and our communities, is greatly appreciated! Your sacrifices impact us all. Whether you are putting out fires or pulling those from danger, you're always taking the heat for us to ensure our safety. Whether you're protecting this country here or abroad, you help provide us with the opportunity to live in safety. No matter how overwhelming at times you may feel, you always endure because you care so much about those in need of medical assistance. You put your life on the line every day, and are always ready to answer the call for the safety of others. Not just in the classroom, but you give new meaning to the term "Taking your work home". All because of your dedication to help educate a generation, one student at a time. Though quite different, that which is common in each of these categories above is this: You help save lives and give people hope. For this reason, we just want to say, "Thank You Very Much for Your Sacrifices and Dedication in All That You Do!"

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