A Love Story

What is a Love Story Video?

A love story video is a short story by the engaged couple which consists of them talking about their unique experiences which led to their encounter of each other. How they fell in love, their journey together during the dating process, who popped the big question, the response and much more. But most importantly, the moment they knew that they’ve met the love of their life, which then led to the planning of their wedding day. We also capture many wonderful video clips of the couple together and then create a beautiful video.

Why should couples consider doing a Love Story Cinematic Session?

While there are many reasons, I believe most importantly, it helps to tell and preserve the story that leads to the bigger story of the couples lives, which is being married to the one person they cannot live without. The love story is the beginning of their journey together. That moment when your heart skipped a beat when you fell in love. That first kiss that took your breath away. The adventures and other interesting things you both did together that made you realize that there is no one else you’d rather share your life with.

How can I wow! My family, friends & guests with my Love Story?

Even though some of your family and friends may already know how you both met and fell in love, most of your wedding guests do not know much details except that you are getting married. Sharing your love story at your reception is an amazing way to reveal to those that are dear to you, the real story that brought you two to this moment, and why you are meant to be. It gives people so much more to appreciate the reason for the celebration they are a part of. While the reception is definitely the most important time to share your love story, you can also choose to share it at your rehearsal dinner, the Bachelor or Bachelorette party, or simply with friends and family. No matter where you share it, it will always be a big hit.

How will Christo Cinematic help you create your Love Story?

Not only will we discuss all the details with you concerning your Love Story in person, or by phone or email depending on where you live, we will also provide ideas and suggestions alongside yours, that will help in creating a unique story that you the couple will absolutely love. Having your love story created with us will truly be fun, and most importantly you will have no reason to feel nervous or pressured in any way possible. You would both have a great time at your love story session and we will create a video that you will truly love.